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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Clean&

Clean& is an one-stop solution for home services. Simply choose the time and date you wish to have your home cleaned, painted, floor polished or have repairs done and Clean& will assign a friendly, experienced and background-checked professional to help you with your chores. 

Our range of services include cleaning, handyman works, plumbing, electrical, floor polishing and painting tasks. 

How is Clean& different from other cleaning companies?

Clean& hires legal in-house professionals who has gone through litigation, criminal and bankruptcy background checks to ensure that our clients' homes are always in good and safe hands. 

We provide a simple and hassle-free way hire cleaners and handymen for the house. Our cleaners have at least 1 year of cleaning experience and pride themselves on doing quality work and making our customers happy with their work. 

Why should I book my cleaners through Clean&

Booking is easy and simple. Simply input your details, preferred time and date and the service required. Clean& will do the rest for you.

Every engagement through Clean& is also backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not pleased with our work in anyway, we will of course do our best to improve on it. However, a full refund option is also available with no further questions asked. 

Can I trust Clean&

Our cleaning and handyman staff are definitely reliable and trustworthy people but we know trust can only forged through time and personal experience. We hope you try us once and experience for yourself. We hope to delight you in all that we do. That is our promise. 

What checks do you do on your cleaning and handyman professionals?

We know that who we hire is critical to us and our customers. 

To provide you peace of mind, we assure that everyone of our cleaning and handyman staff have gone through and passed the following.

- Interviewed in-person for personality check

- Criminal records check

- Bankruptcy search check

- Litigation check

- Experience check (Min. 1 year experience)

What is Clean&'s 100% Money-Back Guarantee?

Clean&’s 100% Money-Back Guarantee is our promise to you that in the event of theft or damage to your property, we will refund you the cleaning fee upon complete verification of the theft or damage. You must inform us within 24 hours of the occurrence. We hope to leave you with a peace of mind that should any misfortunate events happen, you will be refunded your fees paid and Clean& will work hand-in-hand with you to resolve the matters.


What do you cover in a typical House Professional Cleaning/Hand Over Cleaning or Spring Cleaning session?

For the Bedrooms, Living Rooms and Common Areas, we:

- Dust all accessible surfaces

- Wipe down all mirrors and glass fixtures

- Clean all floor surfaces

- Take out garbage and recycling

For the Bathrooms, we:

- Wash and sanitise the toilet, shower, tub and sink

- Dust all accessible surfaces

- Wipe down all mirrors and glass fixtures

- Clean all floor surfaces

- Take out garbage and recycling

For the Kitchen, we:

- Dust all accessible surfaces

- Wipe down exterior of stove, oven, sink and fridge

- Clean all floor surfaces

- Take out garbage and recycling

Spring Cleaning Sessions will also include the below, upon request. Most cleaning extras add half to one hour of time and cost to your booking. Please refer to our pricelist

- Inside cabinets

- Inside fridge

- Inside oven

- Degreasing of cooker hob, hood and oven

- Interior windows

Why does Spring Cleaning cost more than Professional Cleaning/Hand Over Cleaning?

As Spring Cleaning usually occurs for properties that are still occupied and filled with belongings, it takes more time for our cleaners to move them, clean the hidden areas/interiors and replace them back in their positions. Hence, it requires more time than a Professional Cleaning/Hand Over Cleaning where the tenant has moved out and emptied the premises. 

How many cleaners do you deploy to each cleaning session?

We typically deploy a minimum of 2 cleaners for typical sized apartments. For larger homes, we may deploy 3-4 cleaners. 

How many hours do you take to clean up my premises?

Depending on the condition of the unit, we may take 3-6 hours to completely clean up. All prices quoted are according to the size of the unit and not the hours it takes.

What nationalities are your cleaners?

Our cleaners are either local Singaporeans or Permanent Residents of Singapore.

Floor Polishing Matters

Do you do spot repairs to my marble, stone or parquet timber flooring?

We do not carry out repairs to small spots or areas. To engage our floor polishing services, a minimum of 1 room size is required per service. 

Painting Matters

Can you help me with patching my paintwork and/or plastering and paint touch ups?

We do not do patching and paint touch up work. Our home painting service only covers the whole unit.

For any other questions, please email us at our Support Page. Thank You. 

Smile. Pick a time and we'll do the rest.

Thank you thank you thank you Maria & Eugene for doing a great job with my house! It couldn't have been more painless. Will definitely recommend you to my friends.


We can always trust them to charge fairly with no hidden costs. Excellent service and their staff are always friendly and a pleasure to work with!



"I wish I had come across CLEAN&FIX first. Definitely way better service and friendlier folks to help me with my house chores and free up my precious weekends. Cleaning is top notch too!


Tried to hang a TV on my own.. What a mistake! CLEAN&FIX'S handymen mounted it properly in just a few minutes.


CLEAN&FIX is a no-brainer. Super easy to arrange, amazing service and now I have a sparkling clean apartment. It’s a real life saver! Gladly recommend them for pre move-in cleanings.


By far the best house spring cleaning I’ve ever had! The cleaner was on-time, professional and left my place spotless!


What's included in a house cleaning?

  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Wipe down all mirrors and glass fixtures
  • Clean all floor surfaces

Bedroom, Living Room and Common Areas

  • Wash and sanitise the toilet, shower, tub and sink
  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Wipe down all mirrors and glass fixtures
  • Clean all floor surfaces


  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Empty sink and load up dishwasher with dirty dishes (or wash all dishes)
  • Wipe down exterior of stove, oven and fridge
  • Clean all floor surfaces


For a deeper clean, consider adding one or more cleaning extras. Most cleaning extras add one half hour of time and cost to your booking.

  • Inside cabinets
  • Inside fridge
  • Inside oven
  • Degreasing of cooker hob, hood and oven
  • Interior windows

Extras (upon request)

Doing Our Part for Social Causes

At, we contribute S$10 per cleaning, floor polishing and/or painting service to an animal welfare organization to help our furry friends at the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and Causes For Animals Singapore (CAS).

Just enter the name of either organization in our booking form after your name (E.g. John Tan /SPCA or inform our staff verbally/through SMS). All donations are collated and credited to welfare groups on a monthly basis.

Because profits isn't the only reason we exist for.

We believe that doing good is as important as doing well.





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