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Home Cleaning Service Singapore

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Home Cleaning Service Singapore

Home Cleaning is one of our most sought after home services at CleanAndFix and there's hardly any surprise why. Many of us in time-starved Singapore are part of dual-income families where both husband and wife are in the work force. For the fortunate few who are able to rely on a single income, the stress is real and high from having to bring up your children, managing their educational and upbringing needs and having to juggle house work and multiple roles as a wife, mother, dad and more. 


Home cleaning Services are hence an essential part of of many of our lives in Singapore as many families require help to supplement their housekeeping routine. Consider this outsourcing for the home as we know that time is precious and fleeting and what better way is there but to spend it with your family and loved ones doing what can help you to bond better, connect emotionally and have opportunities for conversations and memories that will last a lifetime. 

Hiring Home Cleaning Services in Singapore

Whether it is an adhoc professional cleaning assignment, a post tenancy cleaning before a hand over of your rental house in Singapore to the landlord or tenant, a weekly regular part time cleaner to help you on a regular weekly basis, we provide experienced and trained professionals for your home cleaning needs. If you require more home cleaners for a bigger property or assignment, it is possible to arrange even at short notice.


Our team of home cleaners are well-trained and experienced and most importantly, trustworthy and background checked. We interview each of them to ensure that apart from their knowledge and skills for the job, they possess a pleasant disposition and good communication skills.


Hence, whether we are cleaning a studio apartment or a large penthouse or good class bungalows, you can rest assure that no assignment is too difficult or surprising for our folks. They are determined to give you their fullest attention to your home cleaning needs ad bring out the best of your home. 


For first timers who are looking to engage home cleaners in SG, we understand your concerns and will always provide you with a team of dedicated, reliable and trustworthy home cleaners who are proactive and do not need any extra guidance from you. Our cleaners are taught to be discreet when fulfilling their duties and will ensure that your family can go about their usual activities normally and with minimal interruptions. 


Our home cleaners understand and are swiftly able to identify usual trouble areas of new homes that they take on. Their experience and rigorous training will come in handy especially in homes with alot of fabric furniture and pets. Such homes require higher frequency cleaning as carpets, cushions, sofas, curtains and beddings accumulate alot of dust, pollen and other allergens which can cause illness to your family. 


Our goal is to continually provide high quality home cleaning services in Singapore wherever you live.

We have served and will continue to serve clients from every street and neighbourhood of Singapore with our utmost commitment to excellence. 


Why? Because we know that your home is your abode and your retreat mentally, spiritually and emotionally and commit to help you upkeep it in the best possible manner. It's our promise to you. 


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Always glad to be of service, 

The Team = )

Aileen Low, Marshall RD

“I wish I had come across CLEAN&FIX first. Definitely way better service and friendlier folks to help me with my house chores and free up my precious weekends. Cleaning is top notch too!"

Craig Spencer, Dunlop Street

"Tried to hang a TV on my own.. What a mistake! CLEAN&FIX'S handymen mounted it properly in just a few minutes.”

Vera Chong, Sail @

Marina Bay

“CLEAN&FIX is a no-brainer. Super easy to arrange, amazing service and now I have a sparkling clean apartment. It’s a real life saver! Gladly recommend them for pre move-in cleanings.”

Why Us?

Clean& is an one-stop solution for home & office services. We provide professional home and office cleaning, painting, plumbing, electrical, floor polishing and general handyman services.


Our staff are painstakingly selected through rigorous background checks and personality tests to ensure that we love them. We know that when we love our people, our clients will love them too. All our staff are experienced, have a pleasant disposition and have a clean record. We stand by our people we hire.


Our staff are equipped and trained to handle any situation that arises in a cleaning project. We have the right people, tools and training for the job so no surprise is too much for us.


We believe in building relationships over the long term. We believe that there are no shortcuts to building our business and the only way is good old hardwork and responsibility in whatever we do. Our stringent requirements on training and constant upgrading of our cleaners' methods and techniques have helped us consistently exceed our clients' standards of cleaning.


We also pride ourselves in providing fair salaries for our cleaners and handymen, some of whom are single parents or housewives working hard to supplement their family's income, and in turn, make a small impact in our society by providing jobs for those who find it hard to return to the full-time labour force.

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