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Marble Tiles Floor
Polishing Service

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Aileen Low, Marshall RD

“I wish I had come across CLEAN&FIX first. Definitely way better service and friendlier folks to help me with my house chores and free up my precious weekends. Cleaning is top notch too!"

Craig Spencer, Dunlop Street

"Tried to hang a TV on my own.. What a mistake! CLEAN&FIX'S handymen mounted it properly in just a few minutes.”

Vera Chong, Sail @

Marina Bay

“CLEAN&FIX is a no-brainer. Super easy to arrange, amazing service and now I have a sparkling clean apartment. It’s a real life saver! Gladly recommend them for pre move-in cleanings.”

Marble Tiles Floor Polishing Service

The flooring of a home or commercial property is often overlooked but one of the most important features of a property. Maintain it well and you and your family and guests will get to enjoy many years of comfort and pleasure.


The deepest form of floor cleaning for tiled flooring (be it marble, granite, homogeneous or ceramic tiles) will be to polish the tiles with the correct chemicals and professional polishing equipment. Most polishing works can be completed within a day to minimise inconvenience for your family or staff.


Honing is an essential process of restoring marble floors with the use of diamond encrusted pads to scratch the marble surface. This process helps to remove unwanted marks and accumulated scratches, resulting in a polished marble surface that brightens up the home and lifts everyone's spirits.

Our Processes include:

- Grinding & sanding the existing floors to raw surface condition

- Filling of any gaps between tiles

- Restoration of shine to all tiled surfaces

- Varnish application

Please contact us to arrange for a site visit to allow us to assess the job requirements.

Rates quoted are inclusive of all polishing tools, equipment's, solutions and supplies.

We are always happy to speak to you about your project and floor polishing needs. We work closely with home and building owners, property managers, and real estate agents to quickly and effectively resolve your building and project floor grinding, varnishing and polishing needs and maintenance.

Make an appointment below or contact us for a site visit and quote. 


Marble Grinding and Polishing
  • Deepest form of floor cleaning for marble surfaces

  • Restores shine and lustre in marble tiles

  • Professional chemicals & polishing equipment

  • Remove unwanted marks and scratches

  • Usually completed within a day to minimise inconvenience for residents

Tiled Flooring Grinding and Polishing
  • For polished concrete, natural stone, granite, travertine, slate and limestone flooring types

  • Restores shine/natural/matt finishes

  • Professional chemicals & polishing equipment

  • Remove unwanted marks, scratches & stains

  • Usually completed within a day

Parquet/Timber Floor Polishing
  • For parquet, solid timber, timber veneer, bamboo & wooden floor sanding, polishing and varnishing

  • Sand and restore shiny/matt finishes

  • Professional chemicals & polishing equipment

  • Remove unwanted marks, scratches & stains

  • Usually completed within a day

Our Rates

Parquet & Marble Polishing starts from $600.​

(Click here for a full price list)

If our service or work is unsatisfactory, we guarantee to make it right or provide a full refund with no questions asked.

*Rates are dependent on the size of the apartment or house.

Why Us?

Clean& is an one-stop solution for home & office services. We provide professional home and office cleaning, painting, plumbing, electrical, floor polishing and general handyman services.


Our staff are painstakingly selected through rigorous background checks and personality tests to ensure that we love them. We know that when we love our people, our clients will love them too. All our staff are experienced, have a pleasant disposition and have a clean record. We stand by our people we hire.


Our staff are equipped and trained to handle any situation that arises in a cleaning project. We have the right people, tools and training for the job so no surprise is too much for us.


We believe in building relationships over the long term. We believe that there are no shortcuts to building our business and the only way is good old hardwork and responsibility in whatever we do. Our stringent requirements on training and constant upgrading of our cleaners' methods and techniques have helped us consistently exceed our clients' standards of cleaning.


We also pride ourselves in providing fair salaries for our cleaners and handymen, some of whom are single parents or housewives working hard to supplement their family's income, and in turn, make a small impact in our society by providing jobs for those who find it hard to return to the full-time labour force.

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