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Office Cleaning Service Singapore

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Office Cleaning Service Singapore

Every year, before the lunar Chinese New Year, it is a common practice for companies to go through an annual spring cleaning of their offices. What does it signify? Well, it signifies the welcoming of a brand new year of opportunities and success! And of course, practically, it forces everyone to declutter (yes, we are guilty of hogging too!) and thoroughly clean up every nook and cranny so that we get those pesky germs and dust out of the way to usher in a healthier office environment.

Below, we will cover the checklist used by most professional office cleaners so that you can have a peek into how much work goes into a thorough office cleaning project.

So let's get started!

A Typical Office Cleaning Project in Singapore

1. Empty Waste Bins

An office cleaning company will ensure that their cleaners visit every cubicle and room to find out where all the dustbins are loaded and then dispose all the waste in its proper place depending on whether they are recyclables.


2. Vacuum Carpets and Mats

The one place where the MOST dust, dead skin cells and what not are found. The office carpet and mat is the one place that has it all and this can pose a health hazard to your employees and customers if they are not cleaned well and routinely. A professional office cleaning service will spend significant time on this to keep office dwellers happy and healthy.


3. Vacuum Floor

For areas not carpeted, dust and dirt still accumulates and it an essential part of the process to vacuuming these areas. Hard to reach areas are usually neglected and it is crucial for your cleaning company to clean those areas once or twice a year.

4. Furniture Dusting

Furnitures are the next major area where dust settles and accumulates. Even in an enclosed area, dust travels freely in the air and lands on anything from the cabinets to the pantry tops. Office furniture that is made of wood or leather will be especially vulnerable to attracting dust and have a good wipe down regularly.


5. Disinfecting the Floor

Disinfecting the office floor of micro organisms and bacteria is essential once or twice a year to improve the health of office dwellers. Such bacteria area are usually transferred through their shoes or feet when they move about the office, toilets and wet areas.


6. Cobweb Removal

Cobwebs typically form in corners and ceilings of the wall and window panes. Your cleaning company should remove all of them every once or twice a year.

7. Glass Walls and Entrance Doors

Fingerprints and stains can be found on glass walls and entrance doors of your office and meeting rooms especially when employees use them frequently. Cleaning them helps maintain the professional outlook of your office for clients and employees.


8. Windows Cleaning

Windows are where light comes in and brightens up your office, lifting morale and energy levels. It must not be overlooked and should be routinely cleaned to maintain staff happiness.


9. Attic Cleaning

If your office has an attic, your cleaning company will clean it and clear any mice waste that may be found.


10. Polishing Door and Cabinet Handles

Some offices are beautifully renovated with ornamental gold and silver handles on their doors and cabinets. Frequent polishing and cleaning is required to enhance and maintain their beauty to last a longer time. 

Hire Office Cleaners in Singapore

11. Spot Removal in Walls

With so much activity in the office, there are bound to be stains and spots on your walls. Over time, such accumulation of stains will pose a bad first impression for your company when you receive visitors. 


12. Shredding and Disposal of Waste Papers

Professional cleaning companies can help you shred and dispose of all waste paper. 


13. Toilet Cleaning

Everyone enjoys having clean and well maintained toilets. Keep your staff morale high and impress visitors with clean restrooms. It shows your attention to details. 


14. Bin Liners Replacement

When the trash bags are full, professional cleaners will remove all of them and do replacements.


15. Mirror Polishing

For offices with mirrors, office cleaners can help to maintain them in pristine conditions by regularly giving them a thorough wipe down. 


16. Wipe Detergent Dispensers , Tissue Handler and Hand Dryers

These items are prone to dust and need routine wiping and disinfecting. 


17. Basins Cleaning

Basins are hot spots for germs and bacteria to germinate. Regular thorough cleaning is required. 


18. Elevator and Stair Cleaning

Clean elevators and stairs are important and must not be overlooked even if they are just passages. Handles must be regularly disinfected and dust and dirt cleared from the hard to reach corners. 


19. Urinal Cleaning

Disinfecting, cleaning and topping up of fragrances must be done regularly. 


20. Vacuum Vents Cleaning

Vacuum vents are prone to dust accumulation and cleaning them is essential once or twice a year. 


21. Reception Cleaning

The first impression guests have of your business starts from the reception and it is crucial that this area be given high priority. A dirty or untidy reception will certainly affect your business's credibility. 


22. Outdoor Rubbish Cleaning

Rubbish that is in the doorway or corridors may affect the passage and outlook of your business. Professional cleaners will clear that out for you too. 


23. Office Furniture Relocation

If office furniture is shifted from one room to another, cleaning may be required for both rooms as dust from hidden areas are thrown up when moving occurs. It is hygienic and recommended to clean up with every relocation of office space. 


Any office cleaning company you engage in Singapore should be able to provide you with a checklist of what they cover and the estimated costs of doing so on a routine basis or as an annual professional spring cleaning service. 


If you're thinking: "Eeks, this sounds like too much work!" or do not know of anyone who can help, fret not, this is exactly where we can come in. endeavours to provide you the highest quality professional office cleaning service in Singapore. We have served and continue to serve clients from every district of Singapore with our utmost professionalism and reliability. We know that your office is where you spend a large part of your life in and will work with you to keep it clean and hygienic for you and your staff and clients.


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Aileen Low, Marshall RD

“I wish I had come across CLEAN&FIX first. Definitely way better service and friendlier folks to help me with my house chores and free up my precious weekends. Cleaning is top notch too!"

Craig Spencer, Dunlop Street

"Tried to hang a TV on my own.. What a mistake! CLEAN&FIX'S handymen mounted it properly in just a few minutes.”

Vera Chong, Sail @

Marina Bay

“CLEAN&FIX is a no-brainer. Super easy to arrange, amazing service and now I have a sparkling clean apartment. It’s a real life saver! Gladly recommend them for pre move-in cleanings.”

Why Us?

Clean& is an one-stop solution for home & office services. We provide professional home and office cleaning, painting, plumbing, electrical, floor polishing and general handyman services.


Our staff are painstakingly selected through rigorous background checks and personality tests to ensure that we love them. We know that when we love our people, our clients will love them too. All our staff are experienced, have a pleasant disposition and have a clean record. We stand by our people we hire.


Our staff are equipped and trained to handle any situation that arises in a cleaning project. We have the right people, tools and training for the job so no surprise is too much for us.


We believe in building relationships over the long term. We believe that there are no shortcuts to building our business and the only way is good old hardwork and responsibility in whatever we do. Our stringent requirements on training and constant upgrading of our cleaners' methods and techniques have helped us consistently exceed our clients' standards of cleaning.


We also pride ourselves in providing fair salaries for our cleaners and handymen, some of whom are single parents or housewives working hard to supplement their family's income, and in turn, make a small impact in our society by providing jobs for those who find it hard to return to the full-time labour force.

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